AsterConferenceAsia is the region’s premier conference for Asterisk enthusiasts and its mission is to empower leaders, entrepreneurs, visionaries and people from all walks of life to share perspectives, find common needs, experience transformation and cultivate lasting legacies.

This year’s Annual AsterConferenceAsia 2018, once again, provide the means to do just that, with examples, strategies and best practices technology professionals can utilize to create dynamic and innovative learning and working environment, for themselves and their clients. This conference will be held in the heart of beautiful Bangkok, Thailand.

SEC Training & Expo Sdn Bhd has worked hard over the past 12 years since the inception of AsterConferenceAsia to accomplish the mission set forth and to create the Awareness and Acceptance of Asterisk and Open Source.

As always, you’ll have unmatched opportunities to network with enthusiasts and fellow professionals, and to gain the support you need to provide an “Open Source Environment”. You won’t want to miss this event.

Registration for Sponsors, Speakers and Delegates is now open. If you are interested to be a sponsor, speaker or attend the Conference and workshop please contact us at or if you need further information, please contact us at